I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Milan at the Department of Political and Social Sciences working at the crossroad of economic history and political science. Since 2020, I am working on an ERC project DESPO on the political consequences of deindustrialization with Anne-Marie Jeannet. My research interest focuses on the Atlantic economy, economic crises, social conflict, and economic development from the Middle Ages to the early nineteenth century.

After getting a Master’s Degree in Medieval and Modern History, I defended my PhD thesis in December 2020 at the University of Caen Normandie entitled: Normandy in the Atlantic Economy during the Eighteenth Century. Production, Trade and Crises. My thesis contributes to the literature on the economic development in the lon rung. I also document the political, social and economic consequences of various shocks on a regional economy. Another part of my research focuses on the evolution of living standards from the Middle Ages to 19th century and the French industrialisation. In 2021, I received the AFHE-BNP Paribas prize awarded by the French Economic History Association (AFHE) for the best dissertation in economic history.

I am also a data enthusiast and a map creator addict. In November 2020, I published with Cédric Chambru the Historical Social Conflict Database HiSCoD. This database is designed to provide to academic researcher and general public a set of resources for analysing social conflict from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. In its current form it documents more than 20,000 episodes of social conflict for France, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, and more)

Since the beginning of my PhD, I am also working with archeologists on colonial history. Using quantitative data and archeological evidence, I started a project on the ‘Hinterland Machine’ of the Atlantic Trade.

Research interests : European economic history; Economic development; Atlantic history; Medieval history; Environmental history; Industrialization; Living standards; Political history; Deindustrialization; Archeology